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Monday, September 03 2012
Require butchers to wear a cut-resistant glove on meat handling hand
Provide storage space for knives and allow them to be left on tables
Provide first aid kits and train people how to use them. Be sure to provide vinyl gloves and CPR masks in kits for the responder to use. The responder should immediately see a physician if he or she has direct contact with blood or bodily fluids.
Ensure trash compactors are properly located. Are they locked when not in use? Young employees prohibited from using them? Safety switches working properly?
Have a written hazard communication program with Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) readily available and employees trained in hazards and controls, such as personal protective equipment
Make sure food containers are not used to hold chemicals
Post evacuation routes indicating path of travel and gathering place outside in case of an emergency
Provide anti-fatigue mats to reduce stress and strain injuries at cash registers or any areas where employees are standing for long periods of time
Clean scanners regularly and give cashiers regular breaks or other duties to reduce repetitive strain injuries
Provide handcarts, conveyors and pallet jacks to reduce the amount of lifting and carrying done by employees
Train and certify forklift drivers in the operation of this equipment
Provide Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) electric outlets at sinks or around wet work areas
Check electrical equipment to make sure cords are free of nicks, cuts or exposed wires, and that all cords have grounding and are at least equal to capacity required, i.e., heavy duty cord cannot be plugged into a light duty extension cord: use a heavy duty extension cord
Conduct at least a reference check with prior employers, as well as a motor vehicle driver’s license check, when hiring delivery drivers
Use dough mixers designed to require use of both hands on controls when agitator is in motion and while the bowl is opened more than one-fifth of its total opening, to prevent start-up under these conditions
Completely enclose all belts, chains, gears, pulleys sprockets and other moving parts of dough mixers with external power
Have a cover over the knife head of reciprocating-blade slicers and provide with an interlocking arrangement so that the machine cannot operate unless the cover is in place
Complete an OSHA 300 Accident log if you employ more than 10 people
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