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Wednesday, January 16 2013
Workers miss work because of back injuries more than any workplace injury. Once you have injured your
back, it becomes more susceptible to injury. Wear and tear on spinal discs and muscles can cause extreme
pain and disabling injury. The best way to avoid back injury is not to lift, but when it is practical use
mechanical devices to perform the lift. If you must lift, use good lifting mechanics.
􀃖 Look for opportunities to eliminate or minimize lifts or to make the lift safer. If you see something
that can be changed, make a suggestion to your manager.
􀃖 Store materials between shoulder and knuckle height, and ensure there is space to lift the item safely.
􀃖 Keep walkways clear to allow the use of material handling devices like carts and dollies.
􀃖 Deliver materials close to where they will be used.
􀃖 Split up large loads into smaller, lighter loads.
􀃖 Use a manual lifting or carrying device (like a dolly or hand truck). PUSH a load; this is easier on the
􀃖 Use a mechanical lifting device like a forklift.
􀃖 Use tools that minimize bending and reaching, like tools with longer handles or lift tables.
􀃖 Make sure walkways are kept clear to allow the use of material handling devices like carts and dollies.
􀃖 Maintain good housekeeping.
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